It’s been just about three months since we’ve been on our journey. I’ve met so many interesting people with great stories and advice. It dawned on me that I’ve missed a lot of opportunities to share the wisdom that I’m learning.

Here is my first interview (lots of room for improvement) with Sean at Ponchartrain Landing RV park in New Orleans. I was blown away by his positive energy and how he connects with people. I just had to find out what makes him tick.

How do you determine what kind of day you’ll have? What advice can you share?



Jessie checking out the pool at Ponchartrain Landing RV Park

2 thoughts on “Wisdom From The Road- Sean from Pontchartrain Landing RV Park in New Orleans shares how to have a great day.

  1. Christine
    I very much appreciate your taking the time to interview one of my employees during your visit to Pontchartrain Landing. I almost fainted with pride when Google Search brought up your unexpected piece. I am glad that you enjoyed your adventure in New Orleans and hope you return again soon. As far as the RV life being one of experiencing the unexpected, this is true in many respects. However, in the case of the RV Park life nationally, it is like standing next to the okra bin in any grocery store in the US. That’s where you will meet the nicest people.

    Scott Schenck
    Managing Partner
    Pontchartrain Landing Marina and RV Park
    An Urban RV Park in New Orleans

    1. Hi Scott,
      So glad you saw the post:) Sean was awesome. We are in Phoenix now, enjoying this RV life. Definitely are meeting the nicest people, maybe we’ll see you back in New Orleans at some point? Have a great day!

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