May 30- June 3 

We left Visilia California outside of Sequoia heading to Yosemite  on memorial day. The drive was four hours-ish, not too bad. Although there was 5 miles of winding road  to get up the mountain. Again we had to take Max (jeep) off  Patricia (RV) and drive separate. I love all these beautiful parks in the mountains, although,  it’s tough getting there. 

We landed in Yosemite Pines https://yosemitepinesrv.com/ about 20 minutes outside the gate at Yosemite National Park https://www.nps.gov/yose/index.htm. Wi-Fi is something to be desired as well as any kind of cell service. The park had Wi-Fi that Mark was able to connect to our network. Verizon worked much better than AT&T but still wasn’t great.

Both of us had to drive into Groveland, the little town next-door to get cell and Wi-Fi at times. I did meet a wonderful lady at the Groveland hotel http://www.groveland.com/ name Jo Ellen said we could hang out there using their Wi-Fi anytime. Thanks Jo Ellen!

Thursday I drive to Folsom, CA outside of Sacramento for a meeting. What a cute town! That was fun and had amazing meal at the Sutter Street steakhouse http://www.sutterstreetsteakhouse.com/. Thanks Rick, Jillian, and Allyssa! I love the fam but it was a nice treat staying at the Marriott Courtyard with unlimited hot water! 

 Saturday morning we got up super early and headed over to Yosemite national Park at around 6:30 AM. We heard that it can get really crowded and there can be waits between 2-3 hrs. just to park. We definitely didn’t want to deal with that so getting theee early was definitely worth it. I have to say we have been visiting some incredible places but I love, love, love Yosemite! http://www.yosemite.com

We went on the Mirror Lake hike which was beautiful, there was an incredible view of Half Dome which is a granite dome and the most popular rock formation. We also did the 2 hr. open air guided tour where a young Ranger shared all sorts of facts and information about the park. His enthusiasm  about nature was contagious. It’s so cool to see someone who truly loves what their doing and is so passionate about it. That made me ask myself about my own life and level of passion…what about you? Are you passionate about what you’re doing?

Speaking of passion, apparently Yosemite is  one of the most popular and renwowed places for rock climbers to conquer. In fact the day we were there a famous climber, Alex Honnold, free-solo climbed El Capitan. Holy camoley!! So bummed we didn’t get to see it personally:( He climbed the 3,000 foot rock wall like Spider-Man with no ropes or harnesses!!! That is crazy!! Wow! http://video.nationalgeographic.com/video/ng-adventure/adv-beyond-the-edge-honnold

What a wonderful visit. As we travel around and experience so many of Gods miracles, all I can do is feel such gratitude for all his creations. The next stop is Santa Cruz and the Redwoods. 

Thanks for being on this journey with us! 


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