8/12- 8/19

It was about 7:00 a.m., we hit the road from Waterville, MN, leaving Kamp Del,  onto our next destination Sunny Brook RV Resort in South Haven, MI.  The drive was about 8.5 hrs. but then we lose an hour because we’re entering the eastern time zone.  Since we  work and do school in eastern time, I’m ready to be synced up!  I love starting my mornings with God time, exercise, getting myself together and starting my day “feeling”  like I’m off on the “right foot”. It was challenging on the west coast, because there were many mornings when calls and meetings started at 5:30 a.m.!

As we pulled into the Sunny Brook RV Resort, we were thrilled to see the perfectly manicured grass, impeccably clean grounds, adorable fishing pond, everything was  beautifully landscaped with colorful flowers everywhere. Wow! This is truly Glamping!! Now we’re talkin! On this journey, I’ve become extremely adaptable when it comes to all these new environments. Every RV resort/park/campground is different. So far we have had good experiences, although, that is probably a matter of perspective and attitude. Every place, just like anything, has it’s pros and cons. Where we came from, Kamp Dels,  was definitely more of the rustic camping environment with lots of wooded area but then lots of dirt. Now I’m ready for some “glamping”!

On Sunday we rode our bikes on the Kal-Haven trail into the adorable little town of South Haven.There was a festival going on and the town was booming!  There were lots of boats coming and going from the marina and the beaches on both sides of the pier were packed. I had no idea Lake Michigan was so nice.  It was almost as if I could hear Tim Allen’s voice talking about Pure Michigan, those are awesome commercials aren’t  they?

It was a pretty low-key week with Mark and I  working and the kids started Georgia cyber academy on Monday. We just were doing all the typical day-to-day stuff that people do, going to the grocery store,  cooking hanging out in the town, nothing real exciting. Yes, this life is not all hiking the Grand Canyon, para sailing  in The Keys, riding cable cars in San Francisco, watching Old Faithful erupt…that’s all awesome but there’s all the normal boring stuff too.

Kennedy and I were thrilled to get manicure and pedicures, and I finally was able to go and get my hair done. Hallelujah! I was really starting to look like 10 miles of bad road! (Now you know why there’s no pictures of me or I have a hat on, LOL)  That is one thing that’s tough on this journey is babe maintenance. Yes, I know a first world problem.

On Saturday we’re heading to my hometown of Rochester New York, well actually Spencerport but nobody would know where that is.  We’re going to be there for a while, from the 20th until September 1st. We plan to go to Niagara Falls as well as meet up with a lot of my childhood friends and some family.  I haven’t been back there in 20 years, it will definitely be a trip down memory lane.

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