May 20-29th

We left East Shore RV Park on Sat. the 20th http://www.eastshorervpark.com/home in San Dimas, CA and headed to Lemon Cove RV resort http://lemoncovevillagervpark.com/ just outside of Sequoia national Park. The drive wasn’t too bad it was about three hours or so.  A friend recommended that we check out Superior Dairy in Hanford.  It is an 85 yr. old dairy in downtown Hanford, CA , very cute with lots  of character. We ordered 2 root beer floats and a regular hot fudge sundae. The sundae was the biggest I’ve ever seen and it was the smallest on the menu. Crazy! Super fun, but definitely not good for the waistline. (I’m glad we do not have a scale on board.)

The Lemon cove campground was simple but nice and had a pool that we enjoyed just about every night.  The first few days the temperature hit up to the high 90’s…ugh. We set up our out door area and enjoyed sitting there in the morning drinking our coffee watching the sun come up and in the evenings with our new propane fireplace roasting marshmellows making s’mores. 

What was really cool about the area is that there were a lot of produce stands/markets on the side of the road, everything was fresh. Strawberries, plums, blueberries, boysenberries, avocados, there was so much awesome fresh food (have to try and offset the humongous ice cream sundaes and s’mores).

We loved Sequoia National Park, I especially loved going to see General Sherman the largest tree in the world. Walking through that giant forest was breathtaking and so majestic. I love the smell of those trees!

We had a wonderful hike where there was this incredible waterfall. I always feel so energized when I am out in nature. How about you? The only downside is all the winding roads to get in and out of the park, how no one blew chow (sorry for that visual) is beyond me.  Whatever you do, do not take Highway 245 in or out of Sequoia it is brutal!

During the week we found a great jumping place that the kids enjoyed called Quantum leap I think they both are made to be gymnast and ninja warriors. 

I am still working through my bulging disc situation which is a real bummer. It can be quite painful at times.  I’ve been going to the chiropractors at the local places where we’re staying which is helping but it’s taking longer to recover than I hoped. 

Friday, May 26th, was Carsan and Kennedy’s last day of school with the GCA  Georgia cyber academy. http://gca.k12.com/. They both had straight A’s this year and did an incredible job getting online for their interactive live classes as well as completing their homework. So proud of them. We highly recommend for anyone who wants to travel, or have some other reason for your child to do remote school. We have had an excellent experience so far. Our plan is to continue the next school year as we travel the US.

Mark and Carson decided to take another trip up to Kings Canyon for some hikes and male bonding. Kennedy and I were fine with that so we enjoyed staying back and having some girl time.  Plus we didn’t want to deal with the drive on the winding roads, the thought of that makes me nauseous. 

Next stop Yosemite. More winding roads, can’t wait. Lol.  Gotta take the bad with the good…everything is about trade offs, right??

Hiking in Sequoia National Park -Marble Falls
Ninja moves at Quantum Leap
A swim at Lemon Cove RV Park to cool off from 90+ degree day
Sunset at the Lemon Cove pool
Trying to take power nap after hiking. Sibling love:)
Biggest tree in the world! Wow!
The “regular sundae” at Superior Dairy…crazy!

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