Another low key week  in Phoenix at Pueblo El Mirage RV Golf Resort (Mar. 27-Apr. 1). We chose to be here for a few weeks since both Mark and I were traveling for work. Mark left on Monday to Iowa while Carson, Kennedy and I were staying back and enjoying the sun. The temperature had been wonderful, a bit chilly in the mornings then mid 70’s – 80’s for the most part, during the day.

Mark returned on Thursday evening, it was great to have him back. The kids and I took Uber downtown Friday afternoon to visit the Science Center. There were lots of interactive exhibits, Carson and Kennedy loved it. The Final Four was in town so it was pretty festive here. I almost felt guilty because I knew there are so many people that are huge basketball fans and I didn’t even know who was playing. I know, I know, pretty lame.

It was time for our next adventure…off to Sedona  it was about a 2 hr. drive. Mark made plans for a 3 hr.. ATV ride through the  West Sedona Valley What a fun time!! Kennedy rode with me and Carson rode with Mark. The views were spectacular and riding over the rugged terrain, at times, provided a bit of an adrenaline rush.

From there we went to a wonderful restaurant called Sound Bites . The restaurant and ambiance ended up far exceeding our expectations. The view, food and service was fabulous. As we sat on the balcony with the sun setting, the mountains were lit up to magnificent hues and tones of  orange and red. What a truly  memorable day!

Sunday was pretty low key while we prepared for our first dinner guests , the Pletka family. I was introduced to Stephanie by our mutual friend Lori. Stephanie, her husband John and four children traveled around the US and abroad having a similar lifestyle as we currently are living. We instantly bonded with them at our campsite. They are a fun, funny and interesting crew. Even though they have settled down in Scottsdale, they also have an RV and travel during off times from school. We had a lot in common, it was a joy having them for dinner and sharing stories. Hopefully we can meet out on the road sometime??

Time is flying as we head into another week of this unconventional life.

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  1. Time does fly – but how beautiful to have an unconventional life. I’m loving it myself! #gratitude

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