June 4th- 10th

We headed out of Yosemite Pines RV Resort https://yosemitepinesrv.com/ Sunday morning. It was a magnificent day,  the sun was shining, mountains spectacular, sky so blue and the temperature was crisp and cool. 

The drive to Santa Cruz Redwoods RV http://www.santacruzredwoodsrvresort.com/ resort was only a couple of hours away. The main thing starting out is getting down the mountain. There is a 5 mile steep, winding, narrow road before it levels out. We drove Max (jeep) and Patricia (RV) separate to avoid burning out the breaks. We hooked Max up again once we arrived on level ground. Other than getting down the mountain, the drive was easy peasy. 

As we pulled in to the Santa Cruz Redwoods RV resort http://www.santacruzredwoodsrvresort.com/ the first thing we noticed was the massive trees and adorable registration building. Every new place that we go, there’s always the anticipation of what we’re getting into and it’s always nice when we’re pleasantly surprised that the online photos match the venue. Lol

Mark flew to Atlanta Monday morning for work  so it was Carson, Kennedy and me holding down the fort. One of the great things about this RV resort is that it’s located on a river and next to a state park as well as being immersed in the middle of massive Redwoods. Being in the middle of all those trees made me feel like one of the Keebler Elves. That environment gave me such a sense of peace.The kids made friends and spent all day playing in the trees climbing and setting up ENOS as well as playing by the river while I worked. 

We only ventured out a couple of times, once to the Santa Cruz Boardwalk https://beachboardwalk.com/ and the other time to the Roaring Camp Railroad http://roaringcamp.com/.

The boardwalk was ok, it was your typical carnival type environment. Nothing wrong with that but not our scene. 

Now the Roaring Camp Railroad http://roaringcamp.com/was more up our alley. We did the 2 hr. train ride through the Redwoods while a guide shared information about the trees as well as the history of the area, definitely recommend. 

All in all another wonderful week! Next it’s off to Petaluma, CA north of San Francisco. 

What adventures are you having this summer?

5 thoughts on “RV Living -Santa Cruz Redwoods, felt like one of the Keebler Elves

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  2. I equal seeing the redwoods to the very first time I saw the ocean, only 100 times better! There is something about standing among those glorious, majestic trees that soothes the soul and renews the spirit. There are truly magical, so I’m not surprised to hear that images of elves came to mind (watch the faeries, though, I heard they can be mischievous). Safe travels! Dawn

  3. I love the redwoods. They are so beautiful! I just got back from Washington state and Mt Renier was gorgeous. I miss mountains!

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