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June 18-July 14

OK, I’m officially freaking out for a number of reasons. Number one I can’t believe that eight months has gone by since we started this journey, time is going so fast, too fast!! We planned this adventure to be one year and time is closing in. Where are we going to live?? I’m not ready to think about going back to conventional life. Also, I realize that I have not posted since June 18,  how did that happen? Working full time, while juggling wife and mom…that’s how….just like so many of you.

We were in San Jose area for a total of three weeks. Mark had training at his company’s HQ for two weeks. Then we flew to Atlanta on June 30 for our annual family trip to Saint Simon Island’s over the Fourth of July then flew back on July 11. Since we both are working we typically can’t travel to our next destination until the weekend.  We finally left yesterday/ Friday afternoon, and headed  north to Redding, California on route to Portland.

The first two weeks we stayed at Coyote Valley RV http://www.coyotevalleyresort.com/ resort which was really nice. We loved The Coyote Creek Bike Trail which meanders along its namesake creek. It was  beautiful and fun, I was able to start running again after having the bulging disc’s in my neck. Luckily we were close to a chiropractor, after quite a few visits I’m finally  on the upswing.  Experiencing that situation opened my eyes to how quickly our health can spiral down from an injury when you’re in a lot of pain. I am so thankful for my health!
Our trip to Saint Simons http://www.explorestsimonsisland.com/ was awesome! Everyone in the family wrote letters to my mother-in-law Daphne Roberts aka Grandma D aka Mom R., sharing what she means to each of us, some of the things we’ve learned from her,  as well as favorite memories. Kennedy compiled photos from the last 11 years of our beach trip and created a movie that we showed on Sunday along with reading the letters. We had brunch at The King and Prince after that, it was a wonderful tribute to an amazing woman!

The rest of the week was filled with all of our traditions, crabcakes from Barbara jeans, bike riding at Jekyll Island and this year and incredible dinner there, hanging at the beach, lunch at coastal kitchen and of course St. Simon Sweet Shop.

For those of you who weren’t in the loop. we were cast on a TV show called Going RV that we filmed in February.  The first showing of it was July 5, it was so fun being able to watch that with all of our family. Although a bit nerve-racking as well hoping that we didn’t look like total goobers. It will be on GAC – Great American Country network again August 15, 16th and September 3 so far. GAC is a sister network to HGTV, Food Network, travel network and DIY so if you have those channels you probably have this one.  Here is the link with the schedule if you’re interested. http://www.greatamericancountry.com/shows/going-rv/episodes/500/first-time-full-timers

Then it was back to reality flying into San Francisco (much cheaper than flying into San Jose) than driving to San Jose on the 11th. Both Marc and I had a lot of catch-up for work so the rest of the week was pretty much buckling down for he and I. We stayed at Gilroy Garlic RV Park http://www.gilroygarlicusarvpark.com/which you probably figured out…Gilroy is the garlic capital. I was hungry the whole time we were there because it smelled like an Italian restaurant throughout the entire city.

A couple of wonderful ladies named at the park, Joanna and Alma, took care of Jessie while we were out of town. They found some kittens from a feral cat roaming the area. Since we are total animal lovers we offered to foster the kittens during our visit. That kept Carson and Kennedy occupied for the rest of the week. They named the kitties Nugget, Smoky and Leo. Because the kittens had not been around humans they needed a lot of TLC. It was cool to witness theit progress warming up to people.

Now we’re off to Portland then Montana, South Dakota and onto the Northeast.

Roberts Family at The Jekyll Island Beach Club

Smoky, Leo and Nugget – sweet little kitties we fostered in Gilroy
Kennedy snuggling with Smoky

Not long before we’re back in Atlanta heading to Saint Simon Island

Group hug!


One of our favorite places:)


Nothing like Fourth of July fireworks in Saint Simon sitting on the rocks next to the ocean and seeing the fireworks from Jekyll Island is well. Priceless!
Kassidy and Kennedy going out for a dip

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  1. No need to freak out! You have a home and when you get where you want to be in four more months, you will be able to take the time to find the perfect home based on your new definition of wants and needs.

    Garlic is one of my very best friends, but I am not sure I could live with her all the time! Gilroy is a marvel.

    Portland is one of favorite cities! Be sure and trek downtown to find the food carts. You will be delighted with the ethnic variety of offerings as well as the quality! Can’t wait to see pics.

    1. Angela,
      Thank you so much for your encouraging words!!! Food Carts! Yes, I love to eat, especially when it’s interesting food. We’ll have to get downtown while we’re here, appreciate the tip:)

  2. Hi Dawn,
    We are only on one episode but it is being shown multiple times, I guess that the network mixes things up with the various show times. Hope you’re doing well. Thanks for your support:)

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