June 10th – 18th

We pulled out of Santa Cruz Saturday morning and drove up to Petaluma KOA http://koa.com/campgrounds/san-francisco. Wow!! When we pulled in the place was like Xanadu! There’s a huge pool, petting zoo, rock wall, recreation room, banana bikes, hayrides, ice cream social, arts and crafts, Etc. There was music playing and children everywhere, a really festive environment… if you have children. LOL which is great for us.

We had a great spot in a shaded site where we were able to have a fire, were close to the pool, petting zoo, store and laundry. It was really great because the kids could ride their bikes and run around with other kids that they met. There were so many different activities as well,  which made it a really fun time for all of us. One of the things I loved is that everywhere you turned there was someone with the yellow KOA shirt on so if you needed anything there was help. There were lots young adults on staff who seemed to   great attitudes working with the children.

San Francisco was amazing, especially seeing it through Carson and Kennedy’s eyes. We did all the touristy stuff, photos on the Golden Gate Bridge, hop on hop off bus tour as well as the iconic cable cars http://www.sftodo.com/cable-car-san-francisco.html. It was funny seeing their reactions in Chinatown when we went into a store that referenced something about candy on the sign. The definition of candy was very different than what their used to.

Another interesting day trip was to Bodega Bay , it was only about 20 minutes from Petaluma but the temperature was 63 degrees vs. 89 degrees. Wow! we were not prepared for that, I froze my bootay off, not very enjoyable. Oh and not to totally complain but the one beach we went to had, instead of soft sand, a gazillion tiny pebbles. Again, I wasn’t prepared as I walked with my flip flops having tiny little pebbles getting lodged in between my toes…ok, sorry for that visual:) Needless to say, I’m sure it would have been a good experience had we been prepared. The one highlight was dinner at The Tides. Pretty much every seat has a wonderful view and we indulged in the seafood platter as well as the new England clam chowder and sea bass, yumm, my mouth is watering just thinking about it. Excellent meal!

And finally the other highlight was Mark and my getaway for a romantic dinner in Sonoma. Our 17 yr. anniversary was on the 11th, the same day he flew out to Atlanta, we finally got to spend some alone time when he returned. You’re probably wondering what do we do with the children, right?  Well, they stay back at the RV and fend for themselves:) Yes, they are fine to be alone at 11 yrs. and 13 yrs., in fact they insist on us getting away for a date night which we just started taking advantage of.

The town was adorable! We had time to kill before dinner and as we walked around we came upon the Lake Sonoma Winery http://www.lakesonomawinery.com/ . Cute, cute place right off the square, we sat inside the cozy wine tasting room and tried a couple of flights. I went with the summer whites and Mark tried the campfire reds. Ellen was our Wine Steward, we enjoyed speaking with her and learning about some of the new techniques in wine making.  As we were walking out, we met a sweet family, the MacDonald’s,  who had traveled extensively for a short time and happen to be interested in traveling America as well. We’ll definitely be connecting and giving them the scoop off all the things not to do:)

Dinner at  A Girl and A Fig https://www.thegirlandthefig.com/was amazing!! It was located within the Sonoma Hotel.  I ordered the prix fix meal the chef created with the wine pairings. It consisted of  fried green tomatoes, rock cod with pesto and then crème puffs with strawberries. It sounded a lot fancier when our server described it. Mark ordered the flounder with a butter, wine, caper sauce, he scarfed that down almost as fast as I devoured my meal. Still can’t believe it’s been 17 years since we said “I do”! What a wonderful way to celebrate.

On Sunday we cleaned,  packed up Patricia and pulled out around noon to head down to Coyote Valley RV Resort in San Jose. Mark has training at the HQ of his company the next couple of weeks that’s why we’re still hanging out in this area.  The temperature was almost 100 degrees, unbelievable hot. Hopefully this week it’ll cool off.

What’s the temp in your part of the country?

Banana Bikes at the KOA Petaluma
Stopping for a glimpse of the Golden Gate Bridge and the city
Jessie trying to decide what she thinks of the goats at the petting farm
Jessie deciding that she doesn’t want to hang with the goats at the petting farm

Sonoma Town Hall

“Candy” in Chinatown


3 thoughts on “RV Living – San Francisco, Sonoma & Bodega Bay via KOA Petaluma…Xanadu 

  1. What a great experience for the kids. And, by the way you and Mark looked fabulous. The 11th was my 80th birthday. I shouldn’t be admitting that. Mark threw me a party back in Michigan with the family.

  2. I love Petaluma, but I may be biased, I was raised there. 🙂 Glad you enjoyed your time in the Bay Area. It’s a nice respite from the heat.

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