We left Baton Rouge on Saturday, March 4 at about six in the morning, the drive to San Antonio was about nine hours. Between the rain and the major bumpy highways and crazy steep bridge out of  Louisiana it was not very enjoyable. Our little dog, Jessie, will definitely be needing dog therapy from being ​​in this moving house on wheels shaking around like in an earthquake.

It was worth the drive, we pulled into Travelers World RV Resort late afternoon. It was about 15 minutes from downtown next to the San Antonio River. The amenities were nice, there was a macdaddy laundry place and there was a bike/running  trail along the river that we enjoyed. 

The only unusual thing was our neighbors that had little skeleton animals tied to their hitch with beads and masks on. I really wanted to find out what the story was behind that but never got to meet them. I did see them briefly getting in their car to go somewhere and they look like normal people.Mardi Gras was the week before maybe there was some connection? Or it could have been  an indication that they don’t like animals, so stay away? Maybe it was a tribute to animals they once had? I guess we’ll never know?

We did love downtown San Antonio, the Riverwalk was so cool and we had amazing meals at the Iron Cactus and Casa Rio. We did the city tour touristy thing going to the Alamo as well as seeing all the various sites on our bus tour. Another great place that we ate was Augies barbecue and then Mark and I went out for a date night to La margarita at the San Antonio market. Do you see a theme here? There is a lot of eating and drinking going. I love that Carsan and Kennedy are getting exposed to so many different types of foods and trying new things. Although if I keep this up my butt will be the size of Texas!

One more thing that we squeezed in for a few hours was San Antonio Six Flags fiesta. Although it poured down rain for about 15 minutes. But that didn’t hinder anything, Carson and Kennedy were so thrilled to go there I don’t know why we spend money on other experiences? They’ve become adrenaline junkie’s and it seems to take so much to thrill them anymore. I agreed to go on one of the roller coaster rides that went straight up down around in a circle backwards around in a circle again and when all was said and done I thought I was going to vomit. Of course I would never admit that to my children. Are used to think that stuff was fun I’m not sure if there’s some aged at all the sudden our body can’t handle it anymore? Needless to say I made it through and took one for the team. What do you do to please your children that you normally wouldn’t do anymore?

Next stop is Dallas/Fort Worth we’ll catch you then. Have a great day!

Live like tomorrow was your last day, learn like you’ll live forever.