Oct 1st – Oct. 8th

Another, relatively, short trip from Philadelphia to Richmond, somewhere between four and five hours. Again, uneventful drive which is always good. We pulled into the Americacamps RV resort http://americamps.com/which was really adorable. There were so many flowers and the main building was like a cute little country store.

The week was extremely low-key, in fact, we pretty much hung around the campground except for doing normal stuff like going to the grocery store, Barnes & Noble, Walmart and the big highlight for the kids was going to one of those jumpy places.

We did drive into Carytown http://www.carytownrva.com/phone/about.html one night which is a quaint section of the city where there are lots of shops and restaurants. And then our big day of tourist “stuff” was visiting Jamestown http://historicjamestowne.org/and Williamsburg. I sure learned a lot, like the fact that Jamestown was the first English settlement, not Plymouth…interesting. There were all sorts of interactive activities to participate for the kids. They loved it and were able to learn a lot.


Although, everyone is mentally moving into the next phase of thinking about our new house. Carson and Kennedy both have budgets for their rooms so they’ve been nonstop online figuring out what kind of beds they want and how they want to decorate. Mark and I have been putting together a spreadsheet of the various items we’ll need to buy and researching what we will want like washer and dryer, refrigerator, new carpet, and some other things that we’re trying to decide on. The realization that this journey is coming to an end soon is such a bittersweet feeling. 

It’s been transformational for me looking in the mirror, identifying the false beliefs that have kept me in a constant state of doing. Frankly, I’ve been nervous to end this journey for the fact that I don’t want to go back to my crazy overscheduled life, working too many hours and sacrificing myself and my family. But as Oprah likes to say, what I know for sure is that I won’t allow that happen again.

Onto the final stop on this travel America journey, look out Nashville, here we come!

One thought on “RV Living – Richmond, VA – super low key, gearing up for next phase

  1. Wow, Christine!
    Your Richmond post, really brought back lots of special memories! I’m happy you enjoyed Williamsburg and Jamestown. I’m going to be so sad when you all stop your mobile adventures.

    We actually lived in our 5th wheel at “Americamps” for a year during 2011, while my husband was working as CTO at Snagajob. (He worked short term exec tech security positions during our 8 yrs of mobile life.) We had lots of fun times there beyond our historical explorations. Kelsey gained lots of experience singing at open mics, got to go to prom, took her SAT test to prepare for college, and read books for children’s storytime at Barnes and Noble. Cool memory…seeing the big Jelly Belly RV at Americamps and getting JellyBellies! Both our 5thwheel and Camper made it through Hurricane Irene while parked in the tree section of Americamps!

    Several years later…after we had left…Heath and Alyssa Padgett contacted Snagajob for sponsorship to start their RV “Hourly America”adventures, working a job in every state. Kelsey reached out to them and now they are great friends. They understand the mobile life she lived growing up! She has degrees in
    E-Commerce and Marketing, so she works with them on some of their RV projects. She spent 5 days with them in Maine last month and. they have taught her alot about Podcast editing. Alyssa’s family lives in Denton, TX , where Kelsey went to college, so we get to see them sometimes. Really Cool how RV life connects people!

    I’m so happy that you have given your children and yourselves this amazing year of travels! You will have a wonderful time in Nashville!

    Best Wishes for your new home life!
    Christy Henry

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