April 16- May 7, 2017

We were sad to leave LaJolla but the journey must continue.

The week of April 16th was pretty low key at the Olive Ave. RV Resort – , it was a decent park but there wasn’t much for Carson and Kennedy to do in the afternoon. We did take a couple of drives to Oceanside and check out the beach which was nice.

Although there was a very special event that happened there on April 20th… Carson turned 13 yrs. old. I can’t believe we have a teenager!! So far he is still our wonderful, sweet,  thoughtful son (most of the time:)). I’ve heard a lot of people talk about their teenagers and the challenges but so far the teen boy testosterone hasn’t kicked in, Praise The Lord!

On the 22nd, Carson, Kennedy and I jumped on a flight back to Atlanta. The primary reason we went back was for their Georgia Milestone tests, it’s a requirement to take the tests in person. They are both students with the GCA – Georgia Cyber Academy – – We have had an awesome experience with this program and have signed them up for next year since school starts in August and we plan to travel until at least November. The stars also lined up for me to be there for a meeting at The John Maxwell office as well as my 15 yr. Executive MBA reunion. A super packed fun time!! It was great seeing and catching up with friends, colleagues and class mates! Special thanks to the Toth, Hoyt and Jacobi families for hosting us during our visit!

On the 30th we flew back into San Diego, stopped at Notorius Burger  in Carlsbad for lunch, a referral from my friend Chevy….man that was an awesome meal!! We then picked up Patricia (RV) and headed to Malibu RV Resort .  Wow! What a view! We are across the street from the beach up on a hill, the view is amazing. Our first night we walked down to Malibu Fresh Fish Market – the line was long but it was worth it, definitely recommend for anyone in this area.

Monday morning I was on a conference call with a client suddenly my left arm and hand started tingling and getting numb. The same thing had happened on Saturday driving to our friend’s house from my EMBA reunion but I just blew it off…now it was happening again. I was also having trouble focusing and had trouble taking a deep breath. To make a long story short, I ended up at Los Robles hospital and had every test known to mankind on my brain and heart.  I have to say that all the Doctors and staff were awesome and treated me like royalty.

The great news is that my heart and brain are good to go, the final test was a cervical MRI that revealed the culprit…bulging disks in C 5-6 and C 6-7. When I posted my symptoms on Facebook, there were several friends that sent me messages sharing similar issues and that the problem could be disk/spine related. In the future I will post what’s happening, we could have saved a lot of time and hospital expense:) LOL…just kidding…if you have some health issue, definitely get it checked out. Even though it was a pain…no pun intended…we have peace of mind that now I’ve just got to work on getting my neck fixed.

We have had some awesome meals at Paradise Cover Beach Café – ,  Marmalade Café Malibu – We also, enjoyed checking out the Santa Monica Pier once night after working and school.

On Saturday, the 7th we went into LA and did the touristy thing catching a Starline tour of Hollywood. We got off at The Grove and Farmer’s Market which was pretty cool, lots of activity. When we got back to the RV resort, we ended up hanging out with some other campers by their campfire (portable propane). That was really fun and actually the first time we’ve done that. There are lots of families and younger folks here so it’s a different vibe plus we are typically out and about wherever we are so we’re not your typical campers.

Today, Mark took the kids to a movie and to FlyIndoor Hollywood  poor kids are living such a deprived life. I’m here catching up from the week and preparing for next week. Tomorrow I head to Portland  for a client event.

Life is still busy but the balance of fun and work is way more in alignment than it used to be. I’ve been seeing posts from friends who are in the midst of the end of school and all the demands, my neck tenses up just thinking about all that. I know we’ll eventually have to go back to a normal life but, hopefully, our new lens will influence how we set things up the next time around…..hopefully?? We’ll see??

How are things in your world? Are you living life the way you envision?







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