RV Living – Niagara Falls and Home sweet home…Rochester, NY
Aug. 19- Sept.1

We arrived at Holley Ridge Golf & RV resort after a long 10 hr. day of driving from Michigan. Mark was wiped out but I was eager to go and explore my old “neck of the woods” hometown of Spencerport. Carson, Kennedy and I jumped in Max aka the jeep and drove the 20 minutes to check out the house I grew up in located on South Union St. It had been 20 yrs. since I’ve been back and I was excited to see the area. As we were driving by, the current owners were outside so I pulled in and introduced myself and the kids. They were wonderful and let us take a walk around the property. Everything looked great and so much better than I remember. It’s big old farmhouse that was built in 1810 with a horseshoe driveway along with several barns and cornfields surround it. It’s quite rural, I regret that I didn’t get any photos. It was fun sharing, with the current owners, some of the things that were different and the history when I grew up there.
On Sunday, we made our way to Niagara Falls Canada. When I was a kid, we went there numerous times and it wasn’t that big of a deal. It was great now visiting with our family and experiencing it with new eyes. What a spectacular creation of nature! We did the behind the falls tour which was cool peeking through a cave-like opening and seeing the gazillion gallons of gushing water. We had dinner in the revolving restaurant on top of the Skylon Tower building so we had the privilege of seeing the sights from an incredible view.
During the week, we visited with my cousin as well as some of my childhood friends. Breakfast in Webster with Robbie, dinner with the Tata’s and the Mammoliti’s. We also went boating on Lake Ontario with the Tata’s, riding the wave runner and hanging out. Lunch at Dominic’s deli Calabrasella’s, hair appointments at Debbie’s salon, Studio Expo.
One of Mark’s passions is researching our ancestors, he’s done a ton of work on Ancestry.com learning about our past. There is all sorts of information that can be input and photos of gravesites is one of those pieces of information so needless to say, we toured a few of the cemeteries to seek out the gravesites of my relatives. A bit of an unusual family outing. It was interesting and actually fun, kind of like a scavenger hunt. That’s how I was selling it anyway. Although, I don’t  think the kids ever got on board, guess I can’t blame them. LOL….
To offset the cemetery experience we took a day trip to Darien Lake Amusement park. I think we made up for the psychological damage? Finally, we concluded our time at the Holley Ridge Golf & RV resort with a round of golf. It was a beautiful day to “knock” the ball around…which is what we did. Luckily it was the end of the day and there weren’t many people on the course.
Overall a great trip of reconnection, I’m so thankful for all the love I felt visiting with everyone, reminiscing about memories of our youth and sharing our thoughts about our families and the future.
Now on to Hershey, PA for some chocolate and Zac Brown!!!


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