July 30- Aug. 12

We left Yellowstone on Sunday and drove 8 hrs. to Rapid City, SD to the Black Hills KOA. As I mentioned in the previous post, the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally starts the first week of August for 10 days with estimated 800,000 people to arrive. Again, nothing against our motorcycle friends but 800,000 of anyone is too much of a good thing for me at least. So our plan was to get over to see Mt. Rushmore then get out of Dodge!

Monday night we went and had dinner in the cute little town of Keystone and then went to the evening program for Mt. Rushmore. When we got there it was still light so it was nice seeing the monument in the daylight. Although as the sun went down and the sky turned shades of orange, red and purple, the view was magnificent. There is a stage below the monument with the seats facing it. They play patriotic music and a Park Ranger does a presentation sharing some details about the park,  there is also  a movie that “walks” you through the history and then the Park Ranger asks all military current and former to come to the stage. The individuals are  separated by branch and honored by the audience. Finally the Ranger asks several of the military folks on stage to come lower the flag and fold it. Wow! I’m getting choked up right now thinking about it. What a patriotic experience and reminder of how great our country is and how grateful we are for our freedom. Highly, highly recommend evening ceremony!

Our time in Rapid City was short and sweet. Now it is onto Waterville, MN which is Southeast of Minneapolis and on Lake Sakatah, another long drive…7 hrs. ….ughhh! Glad we’re planning to stay here from the 1st -12th.

Whenever we pull into a new campground, there’s always trepidation about what the place looks like and if it seems like we’ll have a good time. When we pulled up to Kamp Dels, it was a pleasant surprise to see the huge dark crimson red barn structure looking new or extremely well maintained with beautiful flowers everywhere. There was the massive waterpark, miniature golf, shuffle board, petting zoo, fitness center, fishing, multiple playgrounds, basketball court…and the list goes on. Wow! What a festive family camping haven.

We had a pretty low key week although, we did drive into Minneapolis to the Mall of Americas and played The Escape Game, did the Fly Over America event and the kids rode a couple of rides. Unbelievable!! We would have stayed longer but the mall was closing. Other than that we pretty much hung out at Kamp Del, taking advantage of the waterpark and other amenities. Kennedy and I ramped up our exercise routine running and working out at the fitness center. That was fun although, she is the gestapo!! “Come on Mom, push it out, let’s pick up the pace”, now I know how others have experienced me in the past. God has a sense of humor!

We also had the privilege to have dinner at the homes of a couple of my clients from The John Maxwell Company. Everyone enjoyed the wonderful food and company.

Now it’s onto Lake Michigan then my hometown of Rochester, NY.

Thanks to the Schilling family having us as well…great food and company!
Thanks to Al and Annie Bennett for an awesome dinner and company!

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