RV Living – Montana – Bozeman and Yellowstone. Vast land, Cowboys and Old Faithful…can’t go wrong.


July 22- 29

Another long journey to our next destination, Bozeman, MT.  Mark has to travel again this week for work. We have to factor in our work travel when making our plans and Bozeman has an airport. Lucky for me my work travel has been more limited. Another factor for moving faster is that time is flying,  we’re looking at the calendar and need to be in the Northeast before winter sets in which can be anywhere from end of September on. Being a “damn yankee” I’m too familiar.

The drive from Cascade Lock, OR to Bozeman is a long one…about 10 hrs. so we’re making a stop in St. Regis, MT at the Nugget RV Park. Another cute park although it is in the middle of nowhere. LOL.. We did play some disc golf and enjoyed the scenic view during our brief stay.

Bright and early Sunday morning, we left for Bozeman, MT. We arrived at the Bozeman Hot Springs Campground late afternoon. Our site had a big concrete slab along with lots of grass. As a bit of a neat/clean freak this made me very happy.

Monday morning Mark was off to the airport for another week of travel.  Work for me was busy so during the day, Carson and Kennedy spent time swimming at the Hot Springs, panning for gold, riding their bikes, challenging themselves at the Ninja course and  in my opinion, too much screen time.

The big highlight for us was our visit to 320 Ranch for a trail ride, playing pool in the lodge and watching as the cowboys…I mean these are real cowboys…wrangle the horses across the street for one of their daily changes to pasture land. That was sooo cool!! As a a huge horse lover, this was nirvana for me.

Mark flew in Friday afternoon and now it was off to West Yellowstone. We were staying at the Yellowstone Park Mountainside KOA. This was a great location, only about 10 minutes from the town and West entrance to Yellowstone National Park.

We decided to go check out the cute little town Friday night, there was definitely a vibe of going back in time to the old west. We had dinner at Buckaroo Bill’s BBQ grill to keep in the mindset, not that there were many options.

Saturday morning we got an early start with breakfast at Running Bear Pancake House…I’m cracking up just typing that name:) We met a fellow southerner, Debbie, who had her Alabama shirt on and was so proud of her alma mater. She was adorable! We had a wonderful meal and were ready for a full day at Yellowstone.

For any of you who plan to visit any of the National Parks, you have to get the app called Just Ahead. We downloaded it for Yellowstone and it was awesome! Some campers in Oregon told us about it and now I regret that we didn’t have it for all the other parks we visited. It’s basically an audio tour but has GPS so it knows where you are and provides instructions and information about where you’re going, what to look for, the history and fun facts. It truly made our experience of Yellowstone so much better.

Seeing the landscape, various geysers, waterfalls, mountains, bison, geese, elk, etc…was amazing but being able to experience Old Faithful erupting was off the charts. Also, the Old Faithful lodge was so cozy and majestic. We saw so much and wanted to see more but we’re moving east. Time to head back to Patricia after a long day and to let our sweet little Jessie out.

Tomorrow we’re heading to South Dakota to see Mt. Rushmore before the 800,000 motorcycle folks get there for the Sturgis motorcycle festival. Nothing against those folks, just too much of a good thing:) LOL…

Dollie from 320 Guest Ranch

Welcome to Wyoming
Trail ride at 329 Guest Ranch with Tucker and Cedar, you don’t get much more cowboy than that!
Disc golf at Nugget RV Park – St. Regis, MT

Awesome breakfast with Debbie at Running Bear Pancake House
Downtown West Yellowstone

Old Faithful Lodge

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