Sept. 9 – Sept. 23

We pulled into the Pinewood Lodge campground http://pinewoodlodge.com/After about a 7 hour drive  from Pennsylvania. Everything ran smooth and our campsite was nice with plenty of space and plenty of trees. There is a lake on the property with canoeing and kayaking, a beach area, an adorable lodge and plenty of different areas for kids to play.

We set up our site and decided to venture into Plymouth to check it out. It was  amazing to me how small Plymouth Rock is; apparently over the years people have taken pieces of it and now it is about 1/3 of the original size. 

The town of Plymouth is adorable with all sorts of shops and restaurants, the harbor and marina. We also ventured into the Pilgrim Museum which was extremely interesting. All the information and artifacts inspired me to think about our founders coming to this country and all that they went through and sacrificed for a better life. It also highlighted the Native Americans that were already here and all of the horrific injustices they faced when the new settlers came  to this land.

We also did a day trip into Boston buying tickets for the hop on hop off bus and harbor tour. We loved the city and all the history, although the traffic getting in and out of Boston is a nightmare. Kinda reminds me of Atlanta. LOL  

We enjoyed getting back to Plymouth and checking out Cape Cod.  Mark, Carson and Kennedy love to fish and went out on one of Captain John’s excursions http://www.captjohn.com/deep-sea-fishing/

A key highlight of our trip in Plymouth was having dinner with Jeff and Alex Kapell who we met when we were in Yosemite.  The own a cranberry farm http://www.lakegeorgemirrormagazine.com/tag/jeff-kapell/ in Plymouth and hosted us with the most incredible seafood meal including lobster, seafood chowder, shrimp and scallops!! Wow! They also gave us a tour of the farm and educated us on all the ins and outs of that business. We loved spending time with them learning about cranberry harvest and enjoying the delicious meal.

Originally we planned to be in Plymouth for two weeks, but then the realization that our one year journey will be ending in about 60 days forced us to figure out what we’re going to do when we land back into conventional life again.  Frankly I have been in complete denial because I have loved this experience so much I’m not ready for it to be over, but as they say “all good things must come to an end”. With that said honoring our children and their desires, we are looking to go back to our old neighborhood in Atlanta so our kids can be with their friends. Off for a short 4 day jaunt to find a house.

We are so fortunate that we found a beautiful house that fit all of our needs in our old neighborhood,  made an offer and it was excepted. That is the quickest transaction I’ve ever participated in on such a big purchase. The stars were definitely in alignment. Thanks to our awesome real estate agent Susan Edwards! We close on our new house October 27th. 

Then it was a flight back to Boston then Plymouth to get our little Jessie girl. She stayed with Alyssa who we found through Rover.com https://www.rover.com/. If you need pet care that is a great app especially if your traveling. Alyssa took great care of Jessie, even had her all pretty and groomed at the Serenity Dog Spa where she works. 

Next stop NYC and Philadelphia. So so sad we didn’t get to Martha’s Vineyard and Nantucket:( The New England area is so beautiful, we’ll look forward to getting to more places next time…we can’t always do it all, right? 

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