Talk about making headway! We left Dallas on March 18 and drove 11 hours to Albuquerque. When we first started this journey in November as newbies, the thought of driving more than five hours was quite daunting. But now that we are getting in the groove we needed to get to Phoenix as a main hub for both Mark and me to travel for work. So we decided to “bite the bullet” and go for it. The drive wasn’t bad for us but, Patricia (RV) was struggling a bit pulling Max (jeep) up the hilly/mountainous terrain. She’s a 38 ft. class A gas RV which is nice but she’s not a mountain climber. Mark is already talking about our next RV being bigger and stronger (testosterone taking over) …diesel pushers apparently are the studs of the road. We’ve only made 3 payments on this one so I’m not on board with that at this point.LOL

The stop in Albuquerque was brief, just one night, and then we got up early on Sunday morning to get to Phoenix. It was a long day but the good news is we were able to stop at the petrified Forest in Arizona Arizona Petrified Forest to break up the trip. 

The the scale of the landscape was so vast, there were different areas and each had its own uniqueness. Carson was amazed at the size of the petrified trees and the fact that the area used to be a forest millions of years ago and now it’s desert. In Kennedy’s words,” it’s so cool that wood can turn into rock and how nature can create that.” This was an excellent break in our 7 hr. trek of driving.

We finally made it to Pueblo El Mirage RV Resort. Wow! What a place! It is rated a 10 on Good Sam’s site. The place is immaculate with beautiful landscaping, golf course, golf club, 2 pools, workout room, dog parks as well as lots of other amenities. Totally different from the State Park in Dallas. We’ve decided that we really like the diversity of places that we stay. The state parks have a lot of beauty from the trees, hiking trails and usually on some body of water and the RV resort places have all the awesome amenities. So far we’ve really enjoyed the different places that we’ve stayed for different reasons. Every new place is a new adventure. 

What new adventures do you have planned? And it doesn’t have to be a trip to the petrified forest, I bet there are places near by that you haven’t visited but have wanted to, make the plans and go experience somtheinf new. It’s great for the soul. 

Xo, Christine

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  1. I remember the petrified forest well! We did three tent camping trips into the Arizona desert when I was in my teens. It looks like ya’ll are having a blast!!

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