It was a low key week (March 19-26) with work, school and normal stuff like doing laundry, grocery store, Home Depot run, etc.  We hung out at Pueblo El Mirage Resort swimming, going to gym, riding bikes, going to the dog park, and sitting outside.

With all of us operating on east coast time, its early to bed, early to rise. The benefit though is that our days wind down at 2:00 our time.

We decided that we’d head to the Grand Canyon for the weekend. It’s a 3 hr. 45 min. Drive. We hit the road Friday afternoon and again, because of the hilly/mountain terrain, we drove separate. Our sweet little Jessie has started having some issues on the long drives with anxiety and of course it is Mama (me) that she wants to be with…can ya blame her? lol

On the way to the Grand Canyon, we pulled off for gas, sitting in chairs outside the station entrance were all these men with cowboy hats. Frankly, they freaked me out and I considered continuing down the road but nature was calling and I didn’t think my bladder would make it to the next stop, TMI, I know, sorry, thought that was needed for context:) In any case rather than be intimidated I decided to go up and introduce myself. To my surprise, they were actually actors that work in a town named Williamson, for a western shoot out and were hanging out until the next show. Goes to show that we shouldn’t judge:)

We finally made it to our campground which was the opposite of our RV resort in Phoenix…very rustic but right outside the south rim. The National Geographic’s IMAX theater was right across the street from where we stayed so we decided to go see the movie about the Grand Canyon. We all enjoyed learning about the history and seeing the views from an eagles view although there was a couple of time I felt dizzy and felt quezy, you know what I’m talking about? Sometimes those IMAX experiences are too much of a good thing.

The next day we visited all the different scenic lookouts and drive the around the area scoping everything prepping for our hiking in Sunday. Then we checked out a jeep trail.Since we had Jessie with us, we went back to Patricia, had dinner, relaxed for a bit then got ready to head out for the sunset and star gazing.

We stayed at Mathers Point until the sun went down and we couldn’t believe how dark it was. There  literally were no lights luckily we brought flashlights with us. In fact we ended up helping several people get to their cars because it was so dark and they forgot where they parked.

We woke up bright eyed and bushy tailed and ready to tackle the south kaibab trail. Originally I wanted to do something cool like rent mules that your ride down but after seeing the trail there was no way on Gods green earth I would ride a mule on that narrow path with the looming cliff inches away.  It was a total of about 3 miles and luckily the weather was nice and cool. We all made it, of course some quicker than others but hey, we shouldn’t be expected to keep up with 11 yrs. and 13 yrs. olds, right? Ok, been there done that…it was fun but I consider my GC hiking quota completed for many years.

When we returned to our fabulous Pueblo El Mirage….ah, yes, love this place! I immediately had a little bird bath, as my wonderful Mother in law calls it, and headed out for dinner. Two of my colleagues from The John Maxwell Company were in town for a conference. They brought their fabulous wives, Lori and Sara, who I adore.  The three of us as well as another friend, Stephanie who now lives here had dinner at a wonderful Mexican restaurant in downtown Scottsdale. We had so much fun, I hadn’t laughed that much in a long time. As much as I LOVE my family, it reminded me how important it is to have girl time.

Another blessed week, so truly grateful for this crazy, unconventional, amazing life!! What are you grateful for?



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  1. Great pics! I’m so glad you got some girl time. What a great balance of life on the road and adventure, and keeping the connection with work.

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