Rollin with the Roberts- travel America journey wrap up.

It’s been a little over a year and a half since we returned. There were over 3,000 photos and almost 200 videos. Trying to distill down the experience has been daunting and time consuming to say the least, although imperative in order to capture these memories for our kids. (as well as Mark and me:)).

The intent of sharing this video is to, hopefully, inspire you to do something you’ve always wanted to do except that fear is holding you back.

Fear of what other people will think, fear of failure, fear of uncertainty, etc… Watch this video through the filter of thinking about what you keep wishing you would do and haven’t done it.

Before our family traveled America there were many “signs” that came to me (which is too long for this post). Although, one that was extremely powerful was an article I read about people in hospice who were interviewed. One of the compelling questions was, “What would they do differently if they could live their lives over again?” Many of the responses were about regret. Regret that they didn’t go back to school, mend that relationship by saying they were sorry, hike that mountain, run that race, start that business, change careers etc…

What is it for you? It may not be selling all your stuff and traveling America (totally get that😊), whatever it is… Do It!! No one has ever been on their death bed wishing they had worked more, spent less time with their family and had not lived the most fulfilling life possible. Right now, take a moment and think about that dream, that aspiration and focus only on how “IT” can happen…now take one step in that direction.

I hope this recap video is engaging and provides the spirit of our adventure and that it inspires you to be intentional about the adventures you want to create for you and/or your family.

God Bless xo


Rollin With The Roberts Map of Travels

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  1. Truly inspirational. I am still consumed with fear, but loved living vicariously your adventure with your family. Best!

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