Met our Kindred spirit family

​​It was 10:30 PM and we heard another RV pulling into the spot next to ours. We didn’t think much about it except that we hoped they would be good neighbors.

​The next morning, we got up, walked outside and noticed that their RV was also a Forest River Georgetown, as we looked closer it was also the 364TS model, same color and everything!! Wow! 

Parked behind their RV is a silver Jeep, same as ours (except this one was souped up). Ok, who are these folks??? We’ve got to find out the story of these like minded people.

Joe, Lorell, Kailyn and Gracie were exactly what we hoped for, super nice, interesting and fun. We had a great time getting to know each other in our brief time together. They are from Chicago and plan to Travel full time starting next year, hopefully our paths will cross again out on the road, regardless I’m sure we’ll stay in touch. 

(I’m sure our jeep will be as souped up as their’s soon, since Joe and Mark spent so much time bonding and swapping notes on all the tips they’ve learned….thanks Joe…lol)

So fun meeting new friends!


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