We pulled into Boyd’s Key West Campground (https://www.boydscampground.com/) after dark, set up Patricia (RV), jumped into Max (jeep)  and then grabbed a bite to eat at Roostica’s  ( http://www.roostica.com/) which was excellent by the way. We had their wood-fired pizza with shrimp and pesto…yum!!

Having full bellies, everyone was ready for a good night’s sleep…or so we thought. At 3:00 a.m. Mark and I were woken up by a cock-a-doodle-do sound as if the bird was in the bed with us. What the heck!!! This obnoxious” chicken talk” went on all night. Apparently these bird didn’t get the memo that they should start their job when the sun comes up!

In the morning  Jessie and I went out for a walk and there they were, what seemed like dozens of chickens “everywhere”. What the %$#& is going on!!! I confronted my wonderful husband and said, “what kind of redneck place have you brought us!?” Well, he was extremely cranky from lack of sleep and  on a mission to get us out of here or take out some chickens….humm…if you know what I mean. Right about then Carson was devising his master plan to potentially “extinguish” some birds when Jessie bolted out the door to be a part of the action. What a fiasco!!

I was totally on board but suggested we go into town and  grab some breakfast and then figure out what to do. As we drove into town, we noticed more chickens roaming the streets, they seemed to be everywhere. This is completely baffling??

When I asked our waiter he informed us that chickens are protected species and that if anyone  messes with them in any way, especially kills them, there are stiff fines and potentially jail. Ok….well, it looked like we weren’t going anywhere since we’ll be in the same boat somewhere else.  We decided the best solution was to stop and pick up some ear plugs. What are ya gonna do?? Gotta go with the flow.  Apparently there is a lot of history to those birds.  http://www.floridarambler.com/funky-florida/key-west-chickens-key-west-roosters/

The good news is that the island is awesome and beautiful, we made up for the nocturnal roosters by taking part in these activities:

So if you want to check out the southern most point of the continental US, check out Key West. http://www.cityofkeywest-fl.gov/egov/apps/locations/facilities.egov?view=detail&id=79



2 thoughts on “Key West… AWESOME… except for the chickens!

  1. Oh my gosh y’all are so funny. And here we just got three chickens as pets! We rescued them from a neighbor that was moving and had thirty five of them and didn’t have any plan laid out for when he was gonna move. I took three and relocated the rest. We don’t have roosters though so they’re pretty quiet and sweet. I guess I won’t be getting a rooster any time soon! LOL!!!

    Girl! Love your blog! Such adventures. We go to the Keys usually twice a year but stay in Key Largo or just south of Islamorada and tend to stick with state campgrounds. They can be tough to get into. Can’t wait to see your next adventure!!

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