I’ve determined that adventure and uncertainty is two sides of the same coin and that living full time in an RV definitely encompasses both those qualities.

We started back to from Key West to Atlanta at the beginning of the month to film the television show our family was cast. On the way, we had a glitch at a Love’s truck stop where the door of Patricia (RV)  wouldn’t open, a piece inside the door handle broke. I found myself locked out and had to seek two sweet guys, Harrison and Frank, to give me a boost through the window. Pretty comical. (See the video)

Next we fimed the show that will be shown in July. The Producer said that once the network announces it, then we will be able to share the details. Stay tuned.

On the second day of filming Mark woke up with a fever, turned out he had the flu. After a trip to urgent care and acquiring Tamiflu he made it through the third day. The next day Carson woke up with fever, you guessed it, 2nd one down then finally Kennedy woke up that Saturday with 104 temp, in the meantime Mark had a scratchy throat, yup…strep.

What about you, Christine, you ask? Well I must have some mack daddy immune system or maybe it was the massive amounts of echinacea, vitamin C, multi vitamins and sheer will that kept me healthy?

In the meantime, Patricia had several “challenges” that needed repair and to make a long story short, we ended up being at the RV place for almost three weeks!  During this time we (our family and staff at RV place)went through  the process of diagnosing, ordering and waiting on parts, authorizations for warranty items…. that experience absolutely tested all my patience and mental state. I started out really positive and optimistic but by the end of the third week another side of me reared its head. Not good. LOL  sigh….I’m sure there is a reason we were meant to stay in Georgia that long???

Some other folks shared with us that when you buy an RV you need a tool kit and a sense of humor. They weren’t kidding!!

Ah, ok on to the adventure. The last weekend,  we finally left Atlanta and headed to New Orleans…woohooo!! We arrived just in time to meet up with our friends, the Jacobi’s to attend one of the largest Mardi Gras parades. Super fun!

Now it all makes sense, if we hadn’t gotten stuck in Atlanta then we wouldn’t have come to Mardi Gras. At least the “challenges” we had with Patricia were handled in Atlanta at the RV place and not out on the road somewhere. Ok, everything always works out the way it’s supposed to, right?

Again, this lifestyle definitely has its downside with uncertainty at every turn but the excitement of the adventure still outweighs…at least at this moment.

What about you?  How do you handle it when unexpected things mess up your plans?

Living this life of uncertainty…I mean adventure, I can use all the advice I can get.

Enjoy the videos and photos especially the one with Harrison and Frank @ http://www.RollinWithTheRoberts.com

Mardi Gras – Endymion’s Parade
Beignets at Café Du Monde…Yummm!!!


Carson and Kennedy during their tv debut
Awesome film crew to work with, love them!!