As a writer, I love to pass the practical along with the philosophical, so people like you are empowered to personally engage and grow.

That’s why I authored Inspirational Mind Food, wrote my adventure blog Rollin’ with the Roberts, and am a featured columnist in My Forsyth magazine’s “Motivational Corner.


Inspirational Mind Food is a compilation of short vignettes in my life as a busy wife, mother, writer, business woman—the list goes on!

I share candidly about moments in both my personal and professional life when I was able to consciously and intentionally create a positive situation—and sometimes not.

I believe that a paradigm shift can occur in your life with both moderation and the power of positive thinking. Inspirational Mind Food provides an easy read, but powerful food for thought, equipping you with confidence and proven strategies to embark on a series of changes leading to a more joyful and impactful life.

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“Each of us is special, deserving, and worthy of all the goodness life has to offer but it’s up to us to change and improve our path.” —Christine M. Roberts, Inspirational Mind Food

I enjoyed this book and the easy to read format. It’s the kind of book you can pick up and put down easily. The messages are basic and meaningful. Not overly complicated or sappy…Just honest and thought provoking. The correlations to the author’s real life experiences are enjoyable and add to the credibility of the … Continue reading Amazon Review

Amazon Review

I really enjoy the book.  It is nice to know I am not alone in my thoughts!  Many of the stories/scenarios are so insightful to my everyday life and helpful reminders of how to better handle situations when the arise.  As a busy mom, I also appreciate the short context of each segment.  Thank you … Continue reading Cadra: Mom, wife, school teacher in South Carolina

Cadra: Mom, wife, school teacher in South Carolina

Screen Shot 2020-02-10 at 1.38.12 PMCreate Your Best Life Blog

As I experience the daily ups and downs of life, frequently there are observations that occur and I reflect on how and/or what I can do to be better today than I was yesterday. I realize that if I’m having those thoughts, there are probably others thinking the same thing.

Join me as I share the challenges I’m facing and steps to improve; hopefully you’ll relate and gain some insight that inspires you to be better too 🙂

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rollin-with-the-roberts-logo-smallerAdventure Blog

In late 2016, my husband Mark and I sold or stored our possessions and embarked on a year-long RV adventure across America with our 2 children.  While maintaining careers and school on a daily basis, we traded convenience and comfort to create our best life today. We learned a lot about life through our adventures. I invite you to explore the stories to find your own adventure path today!

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