We started out of Atlanta venturing into our new life mid-November and headed to Orlando. We celebrated with family there for Thanksgiving, went to Disney for a couple of weeks (this ruined us, there’s no place like Disney) and then moved on down to West Palm Beach for the Christmas season with family.

We then jumped on a flight to Colorado skiing for 9 days with friends from Atlanta,then back to West Palm. (I know, rough life, huh?)

Frankly, I’ve been extremely eager to get out of Florida and start heading west on our journey. So far this is just felt like an extended vacation down here in Florida that were so familiar with.

Although watching the forecast and all of the cold weather across the Southeast and even into Texas I now realize that I should be thankful.

As newbie RV’ers, we’ve learned some things that we need to do to Patricia in order to be totally prepared for cold weather. She already has an arctic package but after some research my hubby  discovered that we  should install some heater units with remote control and sensors within the compartments below. Another thing that we are going to be adding on is additional sway bars to the chassis, this will allow a much smoother and easier ride and better handling when on the highway. Ugh…what else don’t we know?

Man, there sure is a lot of different stuff to consider. The type “A” ,  “let’s get it done!” aspect of my personality has been really struggling with all this opportunity for adaptability. LOL…Lots of praying and self talk.

Today it is raining and a great opportunity to hang out and bake cookies. We literally have had amazing weather 99% of the time since we started this adventure so it’s fun having a down day.

Tomorrow we head back to Orlando to get that work done on Patricia. We’re working on what’s next after that, probably Tampa. I will be heading to Atlanta for an event with The John Maxwell Company so that’s an easy flight.

We’ll get out of Florida eventually.

God Bless and enjoy this day! ​​

Baking in our tiny little oven

2 thoughts on “Baking cookies in our little space on a raining day and recalling the journey so far. What do you do on a day when you have to be inside?

  1. Thanks so much Debbie:) I hope you and your family are doing great and staying warm. We are in West Palm Beach and this morning it was 40 degrees, we had to turn on the furnace but I’m not complaining….lol….Say “hello” to all our soccer family and take care. xo

  2. Looks like wonderful family time. You will never forget this gift you have chosen for your family nor will they. 😊

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