An unconventional life, an unconventional Christmas

This Christmas is so strange, in both good ways and bad ways. It’s awesome having the flexibility to be adventurous to pick up and go but then we do miss some of the aspects of being home. The Christmas parties with friends, our church and some of the traditions that we missed this year like baking tons of cookies.

This past week was a bit crazy with visits to urgent care, emergency room, and 2 doctor appointments. In a nutshell Mark was having some major pain where he could hardly walk (scary) and it turned out to be his sciatic nerve. Luckily he was able to get a cortisone shot and is doing much better…thank goodness!

We are now in Colorado and will be figuring out the next steps of our journey when we get back. Getting used to this new life.

What are you doing this holiday season that is abbot unconventional or maybe not so unconventional. Would love to hear about it

Mom and Kennedy enjoying flight, Dad and Carson on other side of the plane
Getting ready to board
Beautiful view of the Rockies
Our awesome Delta flight attendants Bell and Stephen
Ice skating at Copper, made it out with no injuries!! yay!


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