Wow! We have had an interesting week! Started out last Sunday in West Palm drove to Orlando back to Tropical Palms RV Resort. The purpose was to have additional suspension put on Patricia at ATE- American truck equipment.

Well, in this RV  life I’ve learned, more so,  that things don’t always go as planned.  And for a “Type A” person this is been a very big growth opportunity.

We took Patricia in to have Rick and Brent  at ATE check her out late Monday afternoon so we could bring her back the next morning to complete the suspension work. As we sat at Starbucks doing work and school, Rick informed us that one the rear wheel seals was leaking and they strongly advised us not to drive until they fixed that along with the suspension. WHAT!!! Now here we were homeless with our dog…hummmm…. LOL…gotta find the humor👍🏻

To make a long story short, we were able to swap our campsite for a “cottage” at the campground which was apparently a huge accomplishment since they typically do not give you any kind of refund or concessions.  Now that seemed really awesome, I was feeling proud of my power of pusuassion. Until we went into the “cottage” and there was the funkiest BO smell I’ve ever experienced. Now the office had already closed so we couldn’t do anything about it except suffer through and suck it up.I literally  think that they will have to burn that cottage down, it appeared clean but the BO smell had its own personality. Luckily, we were able to swap out that unit for another one that had a much more pleasant smell. Yay!!

We were on the upswing and then heard back from Rick at ATE, good news is that the rear wheel seal was fixed and there wasn’t any other damage, the bad news was that one of the main parts for the suspension was wrong.ughhhh!! We specifically drove up here to have this work done and now, Mark will have to sort out the parts situation to ship the incorrect part and order the correct. That’s a job on its own, God Bless Mark for his patience! Oh well I guess it could be worse.

On a positive note, we got some exciting news that I can’t share yet, but will let you know as soon as we get the ok to talk about it.

Now we’re heading to Key West, the southern most point of the continental US.

We’re having our challenges in this new life but ultimately we feel so blessed and thankful for all the lessons we are learning.

What are the blessings you’re experience in in your life?

2 thoughts on “Adventures from the Road- Orlando to Key West 

  1. Thanks so much Lisa! Yes, agree:) Whenever we have these “challenges” I tell Carson and Kennedy, this is what makes life memorable. All these different experiences that don’t go as planned are the ones that stand out and we’ll have fun reflecting on them in the future when we look back.

  2. Christine, this post makes me smile. The hiccups in life are lessons learned but like you said, it could be worse!! Loving your blogs and look forward to seeing them! Safe travels..

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