I have been a student of personal growth since I was in my twenties. My childhood was all about overcoming adversity. In my home, I witnessed the negative effects of alcoholism, domestic violence, and sexual abuse and it made a profound impact on me. Rather than push me to give up, it stirred a desire in me to take control of my life and become the best possible version of myself. 


Now after enjoying career success and the joys and challenges of parenting, I am more energized than ever to inspire other women to change their mindset and make their personal goals a reality. Whatever IT is for them, I want to help them make it possible. 

In my life, I’ve embraced the mindset: Why not me? It’s given me the courage and the freedom to run the NYC marathon twice, gain my Executive MBA without having an undergraduate degree, travel America for a year in an RV with my husband and children, and help countless businesses and leaders grow and thrive. 

I believe the only way you can reach your dreams is by protecting your thoughts. You can only do this when you pay attention to what you consume. Without consuming the right things, you’ll quickly find yourself drained and unmotivated to move. 

When you protect your mind and spirit, you empower yourself to do great things—and the world will notice. But most importantly, you’ll have built a life on your terms and know that you took the bull by the horns to create your best life and enjoyed the journey while doing so!