Embrace the Madness


Never say never!

Before having children my husband and I would observe families who seemed to run themselves ragged seven days a week complaining every step of the way. Well, that’s how we interpreted it anyway. I remember a conversation when we said to each other “we’ll never be that way”.  Well guess what here we are two children later with school, sports, church, birthday parties, play dates and on and on…. I found myself falling into the whining and complaining about our busy schedule then one morning I had an epiphany. If we are going to have a full life then we’re going to be busy so I said to myself “Get over it and embrace the madness!”

Does this sound familiar? It can be the activities with the children including sports, music lessons, karate, girl scouts, boy scouts, after school clubs. Or is it volunteering at school, local community charity events or maybe its bridge, luncheons, social gatherings. Whatever it is that is keeping us busy is, in most cases, our choice.

Now granted we do have to set boundaries but if we are choosing the activities and it seems a bit hectic then we need to change gears and lean into our lives. Don’t get me wrong, even though I had that epiphany I still have my fanatical Mom moments yelling, I mean strongly suggesting, that the children get to bed after getting home late from an activity. Can you relate?  But then it’s time for a deep breath and reminding ourselves that this is life and having a full life is something to be grateful for.

You may feel like pulling your hair out at times, I know I do, but at the ends of our lives what would you rather look back on?? Living a full life with family, friends and activities full of amazing memories or a life where you didn’t push yourself? Focus on all the goodness life has to offer and be thankful.

Wouldn’t it be great if we could all do our best to relax and enjoy these busy times. Somehow life would probably run smoother and easier so let’s do our best to embrace the madness!

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